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About us

Winemakers with vision, passion and mindfulness in dealing with nature

We bring our fellow human beings closer to honest wine through natural sensory perceptions.

We claim "less is more", treat our resources with care and aim to make people think.


1993. Winemaker. Son.

A peace-loving soul. Fascinated by kombucha, koji, beer ... and with a passion for wine. Always says the right words at the right time.


1991. Daughter.

After a decade between Vienna, Seoul and the American continent, she is finally back to nature. Winegrower, yoga teacher, wine academician, sourdough bread baker and full of ideas. Always available for a chat. If you want to breathe with Carmen, here you can find her yoga classes.


1961. Daddy.

Soon to retire. Winegrower & distiller with a passion. Always on the phone.

Likes to experiment with wine storage:

  • In the Pfunderer mine of Villanders lies a selection of our bottles.
  • In the Totensee (lake in the mountains) at the Villanderer Alm (below the Totenkirchl) are about 100 bottles of "Viel Anders" Riesling and "Gail Fuass" Grüner Veltliner .


1965. Mum.

Best cook in the world. Dreamy bon vivant. All-rounder: always present in the vineyard, cooks during the Törggele period, hostess when on vacation at the winery.


1929. Grandma.

Guardian of the house. Watches over the mountain farm and welcomes visitors. Checks vine growth in the vineyards during her daily walk. Every year she spends the summer in our alpine hut on the Villandro mountain pasture (of course without electricity, hardly any reception and outdoor toilet). She is still busy rolling out the dough for Schlutzkrapfen and for the Kartoffelblattlen.

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