A Journey through Time at the Röck Estate Winery

Modern Architecture Meets the Rustic Sense of Living 

At the Röck Estate Winery, different structures are closely linked with one another – the farmhouse, which was erected in the sixteenth century, is just a few steps away from the modern winery that was completed in 2012. Subterranean passageways connect the old farmhouse with today’s residence of the family and with the modern winery, and thus a tour includes a little journey through time
The old farmhouse was inhabited up until 1988, and even today, the old farm kitchen is still used to smoke speck, farmer’s bacon, and homemade sausages. The old farmhouse parlor has still been very well maintained and can be reached through an underground passage. And the cellar of the farmhouse is used, above all else for the aging and storage of speck, sausage, potatoes, and sauerkraut.


In 2012, a new winery building was completed at the Röck Estate Winery in order to do justice to winery’s new orientation by Konrad Augschöll. The winery was situated underground and fits in with the terrain. Thanks to the engineer Norbert Nössing and the krapf günther construction company, a building was realized that reflects the identity of the family and their passion for winemaking.