“Tradition is not to preserve the ashes but to pass on the flame.” - Thomas More

The Röck Estate Winery stands for quality, tradition, and individuality.

The entire production run, from grape to glass, lies in the hands of the Augschöll family. And in so doing, the family is always in harmony with nature and its whims. Because of the steep slopes of the estate, a great degree of manual labor is required which, however, is gladly taken on with passion. Tradition is transported forward, since that which is new is met with openness, and consequently the family is capable of keeping the traditions alive. On top of that, individuality and self-respect play a significant role, since their own passion is consequently reflected in the best possible way. For these reasons, ideas are realized at the Röck Estate Winery, such as the preservation of the ancient Furner Hottler vines, the wine from which can still be tasted today in the estate’s Buschenschank farmhouse inn, or the aging of wines in the Pfunders mine in Villanders.