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How to properly recycle?

Pay attention to the regulations of your municipality.



ALL WINES (except Pet Nat)

  • Cardboard PAP20 -> Cardboard collection
  • Wine bottle GL71 -> Glass collection
  • Closure
    • NomaCorc - vegetable biopolymer based on sugar cane, LDPE -> Plastic collection
    • Natural corks FOR51 -> Separate collection or organic waste


PET NAT - naturally sparkling wine

  • Cardboard PAP20 -> Cardboard collection
  • Wine bottle GL70 -> Glass collection
  • Bottle caps FE40 -> Metal collection

Friendly reminder: Live close to nature


Don't forget to take care of this planet. Buy fair trade or second hand. Eat regional & seasonal. Avoid plastic and watch your meat consumption. Enjoy the small things in life. And open a bottle of natural wine with your loved ones. Discover all our wines here.

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