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Pet Nat 2022

Wine from natural production


630 - 660 m
Gravelly quartz phyllite soils | steep southeast slopes Müller Thurgau grapes from our oldest, pergola terraced vineyard.
Vines' average age: 36 years


Pet Nat is the abbreviation for Pétillant Naturel - "naturally sparkling" and comes from bottle fermentation. Hand harvest 27th August 2022. Skin maceration for three days. The fermenting must is transferred to bottles where it finishes fermentation. After 6 months, the bottles are disgorged by hand in our cellar à la Volée. Without additives.


Pet Nat 2022

White wine
1800 bottles
12% vol. | RS 1.6 g/l | Acidity 5,3 g/l


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May 2 2023

Pet Nat Release

Let the bottle cap pop, our Pet Nat 2022 is finally ready to buy.

Hmmm… what is Pet Nat?

Pet Nat is short for Pétillant Naturel, i.e. naturally sparkling. A sparkling wine without any additives, with naturally occurring yeasts, without adding sugar or dosage. AND important: one alcoholic fermentation. An authentic sparkling wine that is used in as many ways as its appearance can be.

BUT let's start at the beginning.

In contrast to conventional sparkling wine production (e.g. traditional bottle fermentation for Champagne or Franciacorta and Méthode Charmat for Prosecco), where a second alcoholic fermentation takes place in the bottle or in the pressure tank, Pet Nat only has one fermentation. The fermenting must from our Müller Thurgau grapes is filled into sparkling wine bottles, closed with a crown cap and completed its fermentation there. It is sensitive to find the right time for bottling. Vintner Hannes found it.

And what happens in the bottle?

The continuing alcoholic fermentation converts the remaining sugar into alcohol, CO2 (a fermentation by-product) cannot escape and dissolves in the wine - this is how the bubbles get into the bottle. The dead yeast sinks to the bottom. After 6 months, the sparkling wine is disgorged by hand in our cellar à la Volée. Why? Primarily to take some pressure out of the bottle and as a side fact to remove most of the dead yeast. It is refilled with Pet Nat from other bottles. Do you want to see that? Check out our Insta-Reel -> click here.

HOW does Pet Nat taste?

FUNKY :) Seriously now... Pet Nat has a little less pressure, a fine carbonation, a little less alcohol, is a bit cloudy, has a fine acidity and is enormous drinking fun. Best of all, Pet Nat is a versatile companion. It is probably opened most frequently as a spring/summer aperitif. But how about as a gift, as a compagnon during a Friends & Family evening or as a pairing for dessert. For dessert??? Yes, our Pet Nat was served in the past at the AlpiNN 4 hands Dinner by Norbert Niederkofler by Swiss 3 Michelin star chef Andreas Caminada with an acidic sea buckthorn-based dessert. And yes, it was a match. To all those who like to experiment: we look forward to your dessert recipe ideas. Feel free to link us via @roeck_wein.gut



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