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Natural wines from our winery

The vine as a life task that gives us pleasure & taste

Our wines are juicy, have a good drink well and are digestible.

When drinking our wines, you should eat, laugh and talk a lot.

To the labels

In order to understand the here and now, we have looked into our past. The photographs are snapshots of our history, which was and is always in motion. The fictitious female first names are based on former Röck owners (Peter, Paul, Johann). With these labels we say thank you to all those who came before us and cared for this piece of land.



To the old ...



Pay attention to the careful use of natural resources. We use light glass bottles, climate-neutral corks based on sugar cane and do not use capsules. You are welcome to bring back boxes.

Recycling properly? Pay attention to the regulations of your municipality.

  • Cardboard, PAP20 -> cardboard collection
  • Wine bottle, GL71 -> glass collection
  • Corks - vegetable biopolymers based on sugar cane, LDPE -> plastic collection

For our PET NAT - naturally sparkling wine

  • Wine bottle, GL70 -> glass collection
  • Crown cap, FE40 -> metal collection



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